Thursday, 22 April 2010

Where To Eat? comes to iPad

Where To Eat? is now an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch universal application. This means you will get a full and customised application for your iPad and not a x2 version of our iPhone app.

You can also enjoy any orientation of the device with our iPad version of the application, so you can use it how you want and not be restricted.

We have also added a lick of paint to make the application much more pleasing to use. We hope you enjoy the new navigation plate!


  1. Doesn't work on my gps you need to fix the location to include wireless access points my access will at least put me in my city. 2.99 is a lot for a program that don't work...

  2. @n0djj

    Sorry for the delay in responding here...

    "iPads have now reached us so we could debug our iPad version better. Sorry for any inconvenience caused during the wait (this did not effect the iPhone and iPod Touch version)."

    Thats just a quote from the next version we submitted to Apple to approve. This should resolve the majority of the stability issues on the iPad :)